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Habitat is one of a 10-member organization of non-profits, Alliance for an Affordable Nashville, dedicated to raising the visibility and advocacy for more funding, building, and preservation of affordable housing. The Alliance objectives are:

1. Advocate and support measures that increase the capacity of non-profits to address the housing crisis in Nashville through increased funding, including a dedicated funding source to create and preserve affordable housing.

2. Work with local and state governments to:

  • Leverage publicly owned land for affordable housing development, with clear titles, including city-owned buildings and land along transit areas to relieve transportation costs and burdens for the city’s most vulnerable populations.
  • Make it less difficult to get through Metro’s codes department, planning and zoning to streamline the process of providing affordable housing. This also includes assistance with ancillary, high cost of building and supporting infrastructure for affordable housing projects where applicable (sidewalks, water/sewer, roadway improvements, etc).

3. Lead with an equity lens to heal historic injustices related to housing access, build intergenerational wealth, and remain intentional about keeping historically marginalized communities front-and-center for affordable-housing preservation and creation opportunities.


Alliance for an Affordable Nashville Statements

  • *Nashville needs 7,726 available affordable homes and 44,772 available affordable rentals by 2030 (affordable as defined as 80% or less AMI).
  • Seventy percent of all Nashvillians need workforce or affordable housing. Alliance recommends a minimum of 20% affordable housing units for new developments.
  • Alliance believes an emphasis should be made to preserve existing income-restricted affordable rental|rehabs in vulnerable neighborhoods and near transit.
  • East Bank Development should be at least 30% affordable housing, per their plan.

*Source Affordable Housing Task Force Report, 2021