Our insured professionals will remove old cabinets, lighting fixtures, doors and other building materials donations at no charge. This service can save you thousands of dollars in renovation fees alone and greatly impact the environment. Through the ReStores' reuse policy, more than 800 tons of materials are diverted from city landfills annually.


Removable, reusable items include:

  • Windows, doors, doorknobs

  • Toilets, sinks and tubs (without faucets), vanities, mirrors

  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets

  • Mantels, pine paneling, crown molding

  • Light fixtures (both interior and exterior)

  • Wrought-iron railing, shelving units


Call Jim Neal, DeConstruction Director, at 615-942-1273, or email him at: jneal@habitatnashville.org to schedule your DeConstruct appointment.

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